Exclusive Tailor

Testimonials Exclusive Tailor I was recommended by a good friend who worked with Jan and his professional group in SEO services. Very happy with the results. Our ranking in Google , Bing , Yahoo is excellent. Also let them make an all new website. for us. Got many compliments. They are always reachable and very understandable on there work. Jan always give good tips and his recommendation never let me down. Thank you Jan and his staff for all the good job... Testimonials Exclusive Tailor
By John Bhai | 29 May 2013

Radiant Medical Phuket

Testimonials Radian Medical Phuket I thank you to Khun Jan, Khun John, Khun Chayada and Easy Branches Team to help me in SEO Services.They are very nice and professional
team. Testimonials Radiant Medical Phuket
By Tanyawan | 3 June 2013

Tzarul Nicolai Social Media Networks Link Building

Testimonials Tzarul Nicolai Social Media Since I met Jan Jansen I had the pleasure to work with him and to become friends also. He is a first class professional who understands the needs of the supreme master of the market, the client. Because of this new tide of change, open minded professionals and entrepreneurs by blood like Jan will be all the time an inspiration and the true proof of success :) I believe that very soon Easybranches will have a lead position when it comes about web solutions. Like Power Networker I'm glad and proud to introduce Jan to all my networks across the social web :) Testimonials Tzarul Nicolai Social Media
By Tzarul Nicolai | 5 June 2013

Bob Mott owner of Faraway Yachting Co. Ltd. Phuket Thailand and owner of website www.chartercatamaran.com

Charter Catamaran Easy Branches took a basic design and converted it to Joomla CMS for me inside the contracted period, which I was very happy about. Once the website was up it was no where to be seen – that is until Easy Branches wove their magic which produced a first page position over some 30 different search phrases. They even manage to get a first page for the new section Multihulls For Sale which was something I hadn't listed before. If you want no fuss fast results these are the people to deal with. You get what you pay for its that simple – RESULTS. Charter Catamaran
By Bob Mott | 12 June 2013

Sea Yachting Magazine and Phuket Magazine

Charter Catamaran Easy Branches believes in customer service: I can't tell you how many times we've run into problems with our websites, email or computers and Easy Branches always been there to help us, no matter what time. Khun John and Khun Owe on Jan's team have always gone out of their way, and sometimes at great inconvenience to themselves, to make sure our digital needs were met. Jan Jansen, the CEO of the company, cares deeply that his customers get good, complete and thorough service and his staff at Easy Branches carries out this wish.
By Scott Murray, Senior Editor, Dragon Art Media | 12 June 2013

Louis's Collection

Louis Collections I was recommended by a good friend in Phuket who worked with Jan and his professional group in SEO services. We also let them make our website and got lots of Compliment. Very happy with the results. They are always reachable and very understandable on their work. Jan has help us in expanding our business world wide and his recommendation is excellent. They team work is excellent and never lets us down.
By Johnny | 21 June 2013

Aurelian Sonea

BriCat Solutions Is been 6 months since i am a happy Easy Branches customer, the Easy team is always by my side, explaining everything and giving fast and great answers to all my questions. I use to work with Easy Branches on the Hosting services and SEO. The SEO results are very good and i like very much the Hosting support, a great team providing great services. Thanks Easy Branches.
By BriCat Solutions | 08 July 2013